Top Biotech Companies

The List of the TOP Biotech Companies Today

top biotech companies

Top Biotech Companies

Knowing that there are thousands of diseases which are serious or mild around the world, the numbers of biotech companies are increasing as well, all striving to be one of the top biotech companies on the market.  They are companies that focus in developing and improving many medication drugs that can be used to cure specific diseases. They do all their best to think about the possible cure for a certain illness, most especially the serious one.

It is very happy to know that there are companies that really focus in the area of curing different kinds of diseases with the use of drugs and medical devices.

However, some studies shows that the following are the top biotech companies that develops a very beneficial drugs or devices in curing ailments.

The Best of the Top Biotech Companies:

Aethlon Medical Inc. – the company is operating as a medical tool company that focuses on making devices that can be used to treat infectious diseases, cancer and many other serious conditions. In fact, they have developed their very own medical device that has the ability to eliminate or remove circulating germs and exosomes that can produce tumor which is called as the Aethlon Hemopurifier. Additionally, the device is made to cure the drug-resistance antiviral in the virus of hepatitis C. Aethlon also develops products that are based from exosomes to monitor and diagnose neurological disorders, cancer and infectious diseases. They are also developing a device that can help in reducing the possible occurrence of sepsis to injured soldiers because of their battle.

Apricus Biosciences Inc. – this company also belong to the top biotech companies. They are Biopharmaceutical Corporation that are very advanced when it comes to the medicines in rheumatology and urology. Their very popular product is the Vitaros, which is used to cure erectile dysfunction. In fact, the product have been approved by Canada and Europe and it is also being introduced in several countries located in Europe.

Arrowhead Research Corporation – the company develops a novel drugs that can be used to treat diseases that are intractable in United States. The principal product of the company are the ARC-520 and ARC-AAT. The ARC-520 is based from RNAi therapeutic which are said to cure continuing virus infection of hepatitis B. While the ARC-AAT can be used to cure liver diseases that are related with the antitrypsin alpha-1 deficiency.

Atossa Genetics Inc. – the company works as a company healthcare which focuses on growth of medical services, therapeutics and laboratory services for the cancer in breast in US and is also considered as one of the top biotech companies. They also developed medical devices which are the FullCYTE and ForeCYTE breast aspirator devices that is made for collecting the aspirate fluid in nipple that will be used in a cytological testing in a laboratory. Additionally, Atossa Genetics is also included in the expansion of different devices that can be used by all the breast surgeons.

The following biotechnology corporation mentioned above are the top biotech companies that really helps in curing different diseases most especially the serious one. Without them, many people around the world will be dead because they possibly not have the best device or drugs that they can use to cure their diseases. These are the best of the TOP biotech companies and for good reason.

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