The Top Nanotech Stocks In 2013

The Top Nanotech Stocks In 2013

Nanotechnology is a very exciting field, for people interested in technology and for investors alike. There’s a revolution going on in nanotechnology, are you ready to ride the wave?

What is Nanotech, anyways?

To put it simply, nanotech (short for nanotechnology) allows us to manipulate very, very small things. We’re talking things on a molecular and atomic scale. This goes way, way beyond writing your name on a grain of rice or other impressive “small feats” of the past. Governments all around the world have invested billions of dollars in nanotechnology research, and there are plenty of publicly traded stocks that are taking advantage of the fact that nanotech is moving forward in leaps and bounds.

Investing In Nanotechnology

Think back to the early 90’s when software companies were still young. Imagine if you could go back in time and get in on Microsoft’s IPO, for example. Think back to the late 90’s when things really took off for tech stocks. There’s no time machine to give you the opportunity to go back to the late 80’s and stock up on shares of future tech giants, but you can ride the nanotech wave in 2013. Nanotechnology has proven itself, but it still hasn’t shot up to the moon yet. Right now, we’re kind of in the in-between stage.

The Top Nanotech Stocks In 2013

If you’re curious about investing in nanotechnology, the best way for the average investor to do so is by purchasing shares in industry leading nanotech stocks. You’ll be invested in the present and future, without having to spend billions of dollars in starting your own nanotech company!

Harris & Harris (Nasdaq symbol: TINY) is a company that specializes in venture capital in the “tiny technology” field, including nanotechnology. This is a relatively “tiny” company, as well, with a lot of potential for growth. Their current market cap is under 100 million dollars, with shares currently trading on the lower end of their 52 week range. This company is a little more speculative than some of the more established players, but it’s a cheap way to enter the nano tech field with huge upside potential.

3M Company (NYSE: MMM) is a huge company with a wide variety of products for consumers and industrial applications alike. Some investors don’t realize that 3M is actually a major player in the nanotech field. They’re constantly coming up with new products, new materials, new chemicals and new ways to solve problems – and nanotechnology plays a huge role in that. MMM has been on a run lately, sitting very close to it’s 52 week high as more investors realize the potential for this company movie forward in the micro-and-nanotechnology fields.

NVE Corporation (Nasdaq: NVEC) is a company that creates and sells equipment using spintronics. Spintronics is a field of nanotechnology used to create sensors, couplers and other data transmitting tools based on technology that spin on molecular level. It’s confusing stuff, but they’re a leader in the industry so leave that up to them. What matters to investors is the fact that they’re up drastically over the last decade, and are currently sitting on the lower end of their 52 week range making this a good opportunity to buy in if you’re interested in what this company does and you see the potential down the road.

Nanotechnolgy: Today, and Tomorrow…

Even huge blue chip companies like 3M and IBM have divisions in nanotechnology, although they aren’t pure nanotech plays like some of the smaller caps we looked at. This isn’t a fly by night trend, it’s the future of technology. Computers, medical devices, industrial chemicals, it’s all changing thanks to nanotech.

The initial hype of nanotechnology has started to fade, leveling off into a steady interest as the tech moves forward. The hype came first, and then the technology had to catch up to to. That’s happened, and now the power of nano tech has surpassed the initial hype. It’s here, folks, is your portfolio ready? We’ve taken a look at 3 of the top nanotech stocks, but there are many more companies in the field just waiting for their turn to shine.



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