Is it the Right Time to Invest in a Biotech ETF?

These days, the future of the stock market hangs in the balance. One day it’s up, the next it’s down; today we’re recovering, and tomorrow we’ll be doomed again. This happens any time the market moves essentially sideways for any period of time. Right now is a great time to weed out under performers from your portfolio, while possibly adding some fresh investments. One interesting place to look to investing right now is Biotech ETFs.

Biotech stocks are well known for their volatility. It is due to this volatility that some traders and investors may focus exclusively on this sector, while others will avoid it all together. The thing about biotech in general is that as technologies advance, which they always will, it continues to have new places to grow into. It is one of the more certain growth sectors because whatever the economy is doing, new biotech advances are being made, and being sold.

invest in biotech stock imageIt can be quite difficult and time consuming to pick out the specific winners within this sector. A company can seem to be doing fine one month, and completely crash and burn by the end of the year because they’ve put too much money into the research and development of a project that never came to fruition. This is where investing in Biotech ETFs comes into play.

Biotech ETFs allow you to easily diversify your risk without having to do the incredible amount of grunt work involved in uncovering solid biotech companies. There are several that are doing quite well right now, and are bucking the general trend of the marketplace because they’ve managed to research and spread their holdings to the right companies.

Your best bet is to find a list of the Biotech ETFs, there are less than 10 of them, and from there try to find the best biotech ETF to add to your portfolio. This way, you are essentially piggy-backing on their research, and your research can be focused on discovering whether or not they know how to invest wisely.

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