Alternative Ways to Participate in the Stock Market

Options for Trading in the Stock Market There are more mutual funds available today than there are stocks, and a tremendous industry surrounding them that provides research, facilitates meetings, sells software, hosts seminars, employs spokesmodels, and in general focuses on picking and buying the right stocks. The fundamental assumption is that the stock market goes up over time and will reward long-term investors with a return that will meet their financial goals. But this view has not always...

Day Trading Stocks – Two Must-Have Skills For You to Master!

day trading stocks
In day trading stocks, you need to learn two very important skills. The first and the easy one is doing the right stock picking. The second is the most important and the difficult one. How to trade these stocks? What I mean by how to trade these stocks is the right entry and the right exit. Without this, you will never succeed at your day trading endeavor. Finding good stocks for day trading is not difficult with more than 50,000 stocks listed in the US Stock Markets. The most important rule ...

BioTech Breakout Trader Mark Messier Isn’t Your Typical Trader

Trading Biotech Stocks Trading Biotechs is definitely not an easy thing to do. For one, you can be very right or vey wrong at some point after you have actually purchased a biotech stock. It is important for investors to understand that they should invest their money to tolerate the volatile market of the biotech sector. Moreover, investors should also have the tenacity for long term investment. These are probably the reasons why biotech stocks trading is not for the weak-hearted. On the oth...