Amgen Stock

Amgen Stock

AMGEN or formerly known as Applied Molecular Genetics, is the largest biotechnological firm in the world. Robert Bradway serves as the Chairman, CEO, and President of the said company and Madhu Balachandran is the Vice President. The headquarters are found in California.

In 1980, it was founded wherein it resembled a Californian-type start-up which is common through a computer industry. As an emerging company, it was driven by a strong determination and versatility when it comes to coping with enough resources. Before, the office of CEO is simply built on a trailer in order to maximize the laboratory’s space. The scientists were just seated on a lab bench. The employees just have their bikes as a means of transportation for work. They used to work late to tackle essential concerns within the company.

At early times, Amgen stock is centered on the DNA technology. The production of insulin was considered as a success from innovations. Aside from attaining achievements, the firm also experienced how it feels to have sudden losses. However, there were still sources of income from other companies which gave rise to their research.

amgen stock

Amgen is a company which manufactures, discovers, develops, and markets useful medicines for various illnesses. It also concentrates on producing novel medicines which are advanced in molecular and cellular biology.

Amgen Stock Profile


Individual stakeholders – 51.11%
Mutual fund – 0.64 %
Other institutions – 32.18 %

Specifically, these are the shareholders behind Amgen stock:

  • Robert Bradway
  • Sean Harper
  • Anthony Hooper
  • David Scott
  • Madhavan Balachandran

The Peers and Competitors of Amgen are:
• BIIB Biogen
• GILD Sciences
• BAX Baxter International, Inc
Other executives involved on improving Amgen stock:
David W. Meline – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sean E. Harper – Vice President for the Research and Development
Diana L. McKenzie – Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

The marketed products which contribute to an excellent Amgen stock includes:

  • Aranesp
  • Blincyto
  • Corlanor
  • Enbrel
  • Epogen
  • Kyprolis
  • Neulasta
  • Neupogen
  • Nexavard
  • Nplate
  • Prolia
  • Sensipar
  • Vectibix

The company’s discovered products were proven effective and very helpful for serious diseases. AMGEN is widely-recognized in 75 countries around the world. Similarly, it successfully helped millions of patients on their fight against bone disease, kidney disease, cancer, arthritis, and other illnesses. Those medicines have improved the lives of every person. Amgen stock continues to grow as they extend exceptional services.

AMGEN Stock: Manufacturing

AMGEN is proud to say that it is engaged in world- class manufacturing where the medicines undergo careful and detailed process. Each worker on the company is knowledgeable and credible when it comes to the safe manufacturing procedures. Consequently, AMGEN acquired a good reputation through its outstanding record on releasing high quality medicines.

This 2015, Amgen will be on its 35th year of serving the patients. The company’s ability to stand amidst market challenges make it more competent and excellent among other competitors. The workers within the biotechnology industry are very passionate on helping the people. They want to create a change to each patient’s lives through giving a strong hope for recovery. This should be good for Amgen stock.

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